The right recipe for perfect songs is an arcane mystery. All that is known is that catchy melodies have to be added alongside energetic electric guitars, powerful drums and authentic lyrics. The band J-Flat Major has internalized that very idea, and is determined to prove that handmade pop-rock is as „strong“ as ever. And so the band’s style combines innovation with the tried-and-true.

J-Flat Major: vocals, guitars, keys

Michal Bandac: guitars, vocals

Steffen Wutzke: bass

Timo Henkel: drums

J-Flat Major black & white bandphoto

"We've worked together for years, with each other and with or for other artists.
Now, we finally have the opportunity to present to you the essence of our musical paths."

"Now, we're capturing our musical past and future in
Songs that last because we put the focus on recording in the studio
to bring our music directly to you…"

So, keep checking back here and on the various streaming platforms!